What is the Sports Investor Network

The Sports Tech World Series Investor Network services to support companies in Sport, Technology, Human Performance and related areas who are looking to raise money. We help you put your company profile and pitch deck in front of investors from around the world with an interest in these areas. Our global network of investors ranges from angel investors to venture capital firms.

How it Works

  • Companies looking to raise money submit their pitch deck and related company details to create a company profile.
  • Each company profile is briefly reviewed and then approved for inclusion in the next email to investors.
  • Every two weeks investors receive an email with company profiles that match their preferences. They can easily review each company and download their pitch deck.
  • Investors can reach out to companies directly for more information or to initiate more detailed discussions.
  • Investor Emails are sent out every two weeks.


Sports Investor Network has two pricing options, a 2% Success Fee or a Flat Fee based on the amount your company is seeking to raise. Whichever pricing options you choose, your company profile will be sent to all investors on our database interested in your type of opportunity.

Success Fee


Flat Fee

Amount Looking to RaiseNormal PricingIntroductory Pricing
Up to $1M USD$500$250
Above $1M USD$1000$500
The currency of all pricing plans is USD.


What Information Do I Need To Provide About My Company?

You can take a look at the information we’ll ask you for by previewing the registration form HERE. We encourage you to provide as much information as you feel comfortable with, this will help catch the attention of investors who might be a good fit. Note that some fields are optional.

Is My Information Confidential?

As part of the registration process, ALL investors agree to the Information Confidentiality Statement below. We encourage startups to provide as much information as they feel comfortable with and the more open you can be about your company the more likely you are to generate interest of investors. You can opt to withhold any highly confidential or commercially sensitive information until dealing with a potential investor directly with an appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement in place.

Information Confidentially Statement:

I acknowledge that by registering as an investor with the Sports Tech World Series Investor Network, I will receive information about companies that is not publicly available information. Any such information will be considered private and confidential information.

I agree to only use the Confidential Information for the purpose of assessing the viability of, and undertaking discussions related to, a potential transaction with the company. I agree not to use the Confidential Information for any other purposes or provide it to any unrelated party separate from this purpose. I may provide the Confidential Information to representatives or related parties within my organization or company for review, however this will only be done if the recipient has been informed of the sensitive nature of the Confidential Information and has agreed to be bound by this confidentiality undertaking.

I understand that this service is delivered in line with STWS Investor Network’s Terms and Conditions, which are available HERE.

What are the terms of the Success Fee?

The terms of the Sports Investor Network success fee can been viewed HERE. You will be asked to agree to these terms on the check-out page at the end of the Submit Pitch Deck process.

Can I Choose Which Investors See my Company Profile?

By default, your company profile and pitch deck will be included for all investors who have preferences that match your business and capital raising opportunity. If there are specific organization you do not want your information sent to, please contact us at